Hello. My name is Charlotte Gyseman.

I'm an artist from Pembrokeshire currently living in Cardiff. I studied a BA(Hons) in Computer Games Design at the University of Wales, Newport and graduated June 2011.

Artwise, you will find that I work mostly with acrylic paint, ballpoint pens, watercolours, string, cardboard, paper, digital cameras, digital polygons and pixels. I occasionally dabble in other things (like plasticine, or make up, or crushed plants from my garden, or rocks, or food), but the former are the main ones.

As well as art, and mythical fantasy, and good old fictional sci-fi, and mysteries and puzzles and magic, and folklore and feathers and fairies, I also happen to like maths, science, robots, history, ancestry, research and factual documentary. As you can probably imagine, I end up spending a large amount of time reading Wikipedia and googling things.

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