Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gyland: Damn it Unity, what is your problem!?

You know that thing that happens, where you try to import an asset from Maya into Unity, and it takes forever, and then it turns out it's not taking forever it's just crashing? Yeah? That keeps happening.

I'm trying to import a really basic structure made of interlocking diamond-shaped "logs" to mess with in engine and how big it ends up when imported.

It's having none of it. Wouldn't import the bunch of logs, and wouldn't import the initial single log. I won't even import a simple 10x10x10 cube.

I really don't see why. It'll probably start working after this rant is posted.


  1. dont know if your still having problems with this but Unity and the latest maya don't like each other.

    If you turn on the FBX exporter plugin in maya and save the file as a .FBX unity should take it fine.

  2. Woohoo! Cheers Pete, it's working now :D