Monday, 16 August 2010

New House: First Floor and Stairs

Showed my sister Yvette and her friend Shannon what I've done so far.

Yvette used to love play Tomb Raider when she was little, and she is loving seeing our house take shape on a computer. Haha.

I haven't actually done any UV maps yet, and there aren't any windows. I've just applied a texture in Unity to help you see where the walls are as you wander around. Gotta say, it's looking a lot tidier than my actual house.

We have a lot of random stuff in our house, this shot doesn't really do it justice..

I think Yvette said she wants me to put Lara Croft into it, so she can run around shooting stuff in a place that looks like our house. Cough... although... I don't think I can really deny the fun in the idea..

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