Friday, 9 November 2012

To create, one must first destroy.

Look! I'm using the proper caption tool! Also, check out this swanky fictional apartment. Are you jealous?
Today, a man visited us here in our rented house in Cardiff, doing checks for roof insulation. A chatty fella. When he saw that the girl sat on the couch in her pink fluffy dressing robe appeared to be navigating a virtual world, he asked her what she was playing.

When I told him that it wasn't a proper game, he cheerfully replied, "Ah, I see! I thought it didn't look very exciting!"

I imagine his response might have been different if he had heard me add that it was just a thing I made and that there wasn't anything to do yet, but he had already propelled himself onto the response above and evidently didn't pick up on my quiet mumblings. Perhaps he's used to something a little more rapid-fire. I didn't even get to sound brainy by telling him that I hadn't got around to programming anything more than some basic start screen menus.

I would show you what it is he saw to gain a second opinion, but unfortunately the shameful evidence of the boring appearance of my game's lower floors at that time is gone. Earlier this afternoon I deleted a bunch of what were to be redundant materials in the Materials folder in Unity, which turned lots of the objects in the game bright pink.

It looked exciting - too exciting. I know my dressing gown is pink, and my pyjama top is pink, and even my laptop is pink, but if I could pick a favourite colour it may surprise you to know that it would not be pink. If you checked out my not-so-secret secret hoard of collected online images, you'd see. Even if it was my favourite colour, it really wasn't the look I wanted for the objects in this part of the game. It was supposed to look like a Wetherspoon pub.

The Damage.
Somehow I figured out that turning off the option to import the materials turns these bright pink objects grey, and my eyes rejoiced. All of this does mean that I now have to reapply all the colours to the objects. Perhaps it's a good thing. I mean, none of them had been properly unwrapped or textured anyway. Should probably get on that.

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