Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"The Chicken, or The Egg?"

This post is all about a series of birds I have been drawing.

It all began when I went to visit my boyfriend in his new flat, fifty minutes walk away. I found a copy of Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" on the work desk. Then I read it.

I proceeded to become obsessed with the idea of creating comics to illustrate things. In fact, I'm surprised I'm not trying to illustrate this post. I think it's because this story is not very funny.

After reading through the following links, I started to play a fancy game of scribble game.

(Hint: replace the 2 in the second URL with 3, or 4, or 5, and so on, to get to the next post in the series)

You know the one. Someone draws a scribble, and the other one has to make a picture out of it.

After reading the posts about squaring the page (I'm currently at "Layout Workbook 8"), I started squaring the page; drawing squares and diagonals and circles, and then drawing a picture out of those initial lines.

The result has somehow ended up being a series of bird-like things.

The first one was spontaneous. I saw something that looked a bit like a beak, and so a beak it became.

The second one was just because I wanted to draw another bird.

The third one was because it was staring at me from the future. Once I saw it, I had to draw the frowning owl.

The fourth one was a request that went wrong and so was adapted into a different kind of bird than requested.

The fifth rectified the mistake made in the fourth.

The sixth is currently still in my head. It was suggested by someone after they were shown the turkey in the fourth. It's going to be a peacock.

Follow this blog if you ever want to see the peacock alive. in reality, or improve your chances of seeing the tweet announcing the existence of the bird on my brain by following @CharGyse on Twitter. By the way, the answer is the egg.

Monday, 10 December 2012


The following is a post that had been left in Draft mode for a month. I had meant to come back to it and make it more post worthy, but then I completely forgot about it when my life got busier (more posts to follow). Something about reading it just now has made me decide to post it almost as it was when I left it, the only change being this little note. If you get bored of him, feel free to stop watching him. 


 Less lol:

Turns out I find it less funny when I actually agree with the point he's trying to make (that sales aren't the Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, of whether a game is good from a player's perspective.) I was quite disappointed during the video, until that end bit where he changes from ranting nerd to absofuckingmentalutely nerd. Suddenly, I found something to laugh at again.

Check out the previous post here to find out why I found his first video funny (Hint: I'm laughing at him, not with him); or follow this blog to find out why it took so long for me to post the follow up.