Sunday, 5 August 2012

Learning Blender, getting on Polycount, and my game art portfolio.

I've registered with Polycount and will be posting things on my own Sketchbook thread there:

I've also created a visible portfolio site on tumblr for Environment Art for games I create:

Here's the first image I've posted up on both of the above:

It's certainly not finished, but it will do for a placeholder for the finished version. Constructive critiques are very welcome, just post your suggestions in the comment box below.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Learning Blender - with Essential Blender (Day... I'm not sure anymore) Chapter 11: Lighting

Yesterday I started to look through Chapter 9 on Materials, but decided to jump ahead to Chapter 11 on Lighting and go through that first. Here are the screenshots from yesterday:

I definitely have to intergrate this into my brain system! The lighting shown here is a mixture of using Ambient Occlusion and an Area Light, I think set up exactly as it told me to in the book.. which is excellent, as it means when I inevitably forget how to do it, it will be right there for me to look up again.

I have also set up a new tumblr blog called "Charlotte Gyseman's Game Art Scrapbook", although there is a password on it to keep the scrap from the public domain so this note is really only for my own benefit than for anyone else reading this..

In case you are interested, here's a quick list of my publicly accessible tumblr blogs. Some I really like. Some are a bit neglected. All of them have the same basic layout.

A Growing Mountain [May Contain Hot Stuff].
A scrappy collection consisting only of photos or screenshots I have taken of things in my life (although some of the photos I took were of photos taken of me).

A Growing Mountain of Stuff I Love
A collection consisting almost entirely of reblogs of things I've found by others. Things can make it on to this blog for their cuteness, their colours and composition (which may or may not actually be any good but are always pleasing to me), or for any other reason that makes me feel like, "Yeah, I want to add this to my collection."

Charlotte Gyseman's Art Cards (ACEO & ATC)
An archive of all the art cards I produce. They are a really nice way to make sure I finish a piece, because each one is so small and is it's own original piece of art. They're also a nice way of trying out little experiments without feeling like it will lead to nowhere (although experiments should never really lead to nowhere).

A Growing Mountain of Jewellery
A somewhat neglected at the time of writing blog of the 3D printed jewellery I designed in Spring 2012. This one will probably be renovated after I've learned how to produce somewhat photorealistic representations of the materials available from Shapeways.