Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm in the Wrong Industry.

At times I wonder, what are we doing? I watched Zeitgeist: The Movie and the follow up, Zeitgeist: Addendum recently, and it really opened my eyes.

People go about their daily lives, seeing most of what we've seen through moniters and screens; I've met hardly any of the animals that I think exist, so how do I even know they exist? Because I saw David Attenborough talk about them?

Right now, how do I even know David Attenborough is a real person? I've never met him. If I go into the Games Industry, all I will be doing is trapping more poor souls, showing them things, creatures, places, worlds, none of which exist.

I mean, it made me think back to that video on YouTube of Joe Rogan, who suggested what life would be like if suddenly all the scientists and clever people disappeared. We wouldn't know how to do anything, and we'd all end up living in caves. How would we know how to do anything? We need to educate ourselves properly. Education at the moment is a sham.

Learning stuff in school all leads to us getting jobs and becoming part of the system. It's a bit like The Matrix. How much of what we learn is actually useful to life? I don't even remember half the stuff I learned there because I've been so focused on making stuff that doesn't exist. All in the name of fun.

... Fake fun. It's not even real! It's all just pixels...

Our lives are not free. Zeitgeist proves it's all because of money. People say money is the root of all evil, but has anyone really thought in depth about it? It makes us competitive, makes us try to earn more so we can buy stuff. Do we even need this stuff? There are people going into advertising, and why not? It earns them money to buy stuff, by showing people stuff they could buy and persuading them to buy it, and so the circle goes on and on.

Over time, we are sucked in. They lull us into a false sense of security, and sell us their make up and their fashion, and engage us into big debates about films, which are all made up anyway. If we continue on this path we will end up like the people on WALL-E. Nothing is real, we've made it all up. The only way we can free ourselves is to remember that we are one with nature, we are one with the rocks, and the plants, and the trees. I am not me; there is no me, "me" is just a made up word, a word made up by a bunch of atoms that we have called "humans"...

Life, as we "know" it, is a joke.

So, this is the end of the line. I'm going to finish this year until I have enough funds to go out into the world, to break out of the system where funds are even required, free myself from the prison of money, live with the land and experience what's really real. Maybe I'll meet David Attenborough.

Midnight Edit: Notice the first letter of every paragraph... Aled, as if I would really post a post like this on any other day but today, after reading the link you sent me! Haha. Although I've gone on that site just now, and it's all changed. The owner seems to be playing a prank of their own:

Error loading web site, reverting to default document.

SAC, Los Angles (157-6666)

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Codename "Winston" 4/1/10

Winston requests a web site be created to help promote disinformation and dissidence among groups untrusting of the United States and United Nations. To protect sensitive source of information, as to how "sources" are obtained, from possible comprise and to insure the success of our plans, Bureau feels it would be better to wait approximately ten additional months until Alex Jones predictions for the year fail and become apparent to everyone. If deemed warranted, submit your recommendation of other ideas. It is imperative we quiet questioning of the authority delegated by those in power, as it could be disruptive to their plans. Further funding of for disinformation purposes is recommended.

1 - San Francisco



While it is obviously impossible for us to put a stop to louder voices in the conspiracy movement, we can promote dissidence among the followers of the likes of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and Peter Joseph in order to ensure that they are unable to go forward with any plans they may have for changing society in their favor.


Chief Executive believes that we should hurry to spread disinformation as to the overall purpose of organizations like Planned Parenthood, as well as vaccinations and genetically modified foods, due to the conspiracy theorist use to promote information regarding population control.



  1. April Fools isn't real.
    It's just another made up thing.

  2. you should watch 'the obama deception' as well.
    the thing is you need money to escape, and by getting money you trap yourself even further :/

    my plan was to get a cheap campervan + drive to japan, seeing as many countries in between as i could. then i ended up in uni trying to get a job in graphic design :P

  3. You shouldn't take anything seriously on what they say on Zeitgeist or any type of conspiracy film for that matter, they are all a bunch of pissed of adults who haven't gotten over teenage angst,hell they probably think that parents are still conformists.
    Life is full of exciting new possibilities, new experiences, life as we know didn't happen over night it took thousands, millions of years to be where we are today, and even if the smartest people in the world suddenly dissappeared, life wouldn't cease, we would begin again and understand how it all works. Zeitgeist said some stupid crap, gave you a box and now your hiding in it because they told you to. Get out of it, and stab the box, anything they say is a cancer that slowly erodes peoples happiness.
    They lack any happiness of their own, thus they take other peoples, and they lack any type of hopefulness for the future, so they also take that too, no one should be like that, and people who do that are douches.
    Thus all conspiracy theorists are douches.
    Rant over.

  4. side note: Charlotte your not a douche, thus not a conspiracy theorist.

  5. You can call me a douche if you want Aled, for me to have fooled you like this ;p

  6. please refer to my previous comment.


  7. me tit, life sorted, i hate you so much right now.

    ........ I still hate zeitgeist.