Saturday, 24 April 2010

Immersion, Escapism, Addiction

I don't think people play games just to avoid "real" life. I think they play them because they find Life in them. When I say Life, I don't think I mean many of the things that you'll probably naturally assume I mean - unless you've read and understood the same material I've read recently... and understood it in the same way I have.

This article seems to make the assertion that players falling in the Immersion category play in virtual worlds to forget their issues.

For this group, gaming is an outlet for the anguish fed to them by the world. They play to forget their issues and for the most part, are breeding a sort of addiction.

If all they wanted to do was forget their issues, there are plenty of other ways for them to do that that don't involve virtual worlds or internet gaming.. And virtual worlds provide so much more than escape when it comes to this category of "Immersion", that to say the above is waaaaay too simplistic. Tsk tsk Alexis Garrett, tsk tsk.

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