Tuesday, 21 April 2009

How to Break a World of Warcraft Addiction

Get a hypnotist to hypnotise you into thinking you are Charlotte Gyseman.

I've noticed a funny thing about myself. I have played WoW, and I still have my WoW account, but I just can't be bothered to re-subscribe. I had to unsubscribe because I lost my Magic Money Card [I've lost it only twice and yet I'm on my fifth one, amazing], and had to replace it. That was weeks ago, and I have still not had the urge to start playing again. Well, sort of.

Dancing on Thrall's throne in nothing but a tabard was fun, but I'm sure it would be more fun in real life. And the sight of Luke dancing like a female blood elf in a tabard would be hilarious.

I've felt like it now and then because of the friends that play it, but I always get a voice in my head letting me know that I've got better things that I want to do, or that I'd rather have fun for free. I did wonder if it was because I have a dislike of spending my money, but that doesn't explain Black & White 2. Kieran lent me the game to see what it was like, and when I showed it to my sister... she got addicted. The last time I went home, my mum said that Gen [my sister] had asked her to tell me to make sure I bring B&W2. A similar thing happened when I introduced her to Twelve Sky.

This sometimes leads me to wonder if there's something wrong with me, which then makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me for wondering such a thing. Surely a lack of addiction to games is a good thing, right?

Note: For those readers who actually want to break a WoW addiction and have no hypnotists to hand, the wikiHow article is here. I must admit, I laughed when I saw it and laughed when I noticed that it's the first one on the list when you type "addiction" in the search box. By the way, I have no idea whether following the steps actually helps. Apparently I've never had to try them.

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