Saturday, 3 April 2010

Essay: Shuffling Paper, & Maya modeling practice

Shuffling Paper: Terminology used by Rebecca Hills to describe the method of working in which I finally decide on everything [e.g. where to stick my pictures in my Art Book] at the last minute.

I still have no idea what I want to do my essay on. Although by no idea I mean, too many ideas. I've gone from Binaural Audio, to Foley and SFX in Games, to how the Industry has reacted to demonization from the Mass Media [age ratings], to New Games Journalism and Player Experience, to how New Games Journalism never actually got around to being what Kieron Gillen meant when he first wrote about it in 2004, to Up is Up vs Up is Down. And that's not even listing all the different angles I could hit them at. Maybe I should just pick a game to install and play and write about something it does...

Urrghh, The Industry; why must you be so varied and interesting!!

In other news, I've decided to have a go at recreating my bedroom in Maya. Not only will this serve as useful modeling practice, it will also mean I can attempt to relive my Uni days when I'm no longer a student. Although... when I'm not focussed on my laptop here, I spend most of my time out with other friends rather than in my own flat... Hopefully, I can expand the world I'm modeling to include the basic environment of campus, then I can recreate the walk across campus to AberG and back whenever I want. Haha.

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