Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Unfit for Public Consumption

Oh man. Some things just aren't. I remembered a dream the other day well, but I didn't want to write it up in detail. It involved getting a naughty letter from someone I know. Today's dream however is a different sort of unfit for public consumption.

The first bit was fine, it involves me being a cop and then being arrested even though I didn't do anything, and at my trial they gave me a prescription and sent me to a triangle shaped Square [a bit like in Tenby] / street, where I was to go see someone and get me some pills. Before that there was something to do with a train, and after that something to do with being on the force again with three other guys [I think I was a guy when I was a cop. Why do I do that, dream that I'm male? I've only noticed it since writing these dreams up], and being in a car reversing while one of them explained that we were to climb onto the top of the roofs as back up to each other, one on each building to the left of us and me on the last one. Why is this unfit for public consumption? It's not. Just wait.

The Dream

Continuing with the story, there is something to do with a flashback of this girl, when some mob boss had a load of dudes involved in some crimed lined up unconscious on the floor waiting for a helicopter. Out of some act of goodwill or something, he gives the blonde girl, who may have been a cop [played by someone who looked now and then like that blonde lady in 30Rock], her friend, played by Eva Mendes. Eva Mendes in this dream was one of the unconcious people. If this scene were in a movie, it would be really odd to see. Blonde girl was sat in some kind of pale painted metal area, like on the top of a building, bridge or submarine, holding Mendes fireman style, shouting some sort of thanks to the helicopter.

This is when things start sort of changing and getting weirder. I remember things looking slightly futuristic, like Star Trek, but things were also a little Medieval. I heard a ruckus and went through some double doors. These people were convinced that they should worship this bubbling cauldron / hot tub of water. The blonde girl was there, looking all fanatic, and around five other people, one of which seemed to have developed warts on his hands that for some reason I knew hadn't been there before. The cauldron was actually talking in an evil ominous voice and lighting up inside with pink light, saying, "Don't worship me! Don't worship me!!" Why they thought it was a good idea to worship it when it was telling them not to I do not know.

Everything up until this point kinda made a little bit of sense. In the past month I have seen a few cop films, and I saw The Other Guys that had Eva Mendes in, and have been watching the Yogscast Minecraft videos, a few of which included a Star Trek custom map. Although none of my dream today had any pixally cubes in.

This is where it gets nasty. I left the room a little while to listen to what the Mayor or whoever he was had to say about it, as did the "worshippers". Then the blonde ran back in to do more worshipping, but instead of the bubbling cauldron hot tub there was a sinister table with robotic arms and instruments, like a modern day Medieval torture device. First it grabbed her and stretched her out, dislocating her joints, then I think it folded her up sort of and chopped her hands off, then it... took... her lips. And she was totally awake for all of this. Also, when did her clothes disappear? This is horrendous, I thought. How is she still awake?

And just like that, my brain decided I had seen enough, and turned off the dream.

The Reality

I was back in my room, eyes still closed wondering why the dream just turned off like that, as if something in my mind had said it was past my bedtime and that I shouldn't be watching this horrible stuff. But as horrendous as it was, I think I could have taken what else the horrible machine was going to do. I've seen worse in films, plus, it wasn't that gory. There was no blood and after I woke up I realised that if that ever happened to someone, there would definitely be some blood. Also when it took her lips, it just looked like she had thinner lips, not no lips, so apart from the fact that she screamed, it didn't look that bad. Well, the fact that it took her hands was nasty, but the lip thing was fine.

It is times like these I wonder about my sanity. Then I remember all the crazy things people have put into some of the films I've seen and heard of. I saw worse in Cabin Fever. Urrgh... Cabin Fever is horrible.

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