Friday, 17 June 2011

I forgot to mention, there was a little ginger girl/toddler and Gen, both sat in my room where my piles of clothes should have been.

Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. It's been a long time since I last had an open eyed dream, but this morning, I had one. I think I went to bed between 3am and 4am; I had stayed up writing and painting some business cards for today's Grad Show. I think I woke up and grabbed my phone to check the time a few times, one being at around half 11am, and finally waking up at half 12ish. This one had it's frantic moments.

The Dream

At some point, I'm at a party in a room with tables. It feels a bit like a cross between Revs and my old school Art classrooms. Dave Ware is there and we're talking about something, except we're talking through the table like it's some kind of string telephone.

Leter, after he's gone and come back again, he sits next to me and asks me if I'm a lesbian. Hahaha. No. I'm not.

I don't remember what happens between the above and the below.

I must have opened my eyes. I'm in bed and I can't get up. It's light out, I left my curtains open, and I try to turn around or cover my eyes so that I can't see anything. That way, maybe my brain will stop thinking I'm not moving not matter how much I try to move. It's not working, however much I turn, even a complete 180, my vision morphs back into what I can see from bed. I try to at least get my phone and check what the time is, because I need to go to the Grad Show later. I accidentally knock over my glass from the desk beside me, and I hear glass break at it falls to the floor. Of course, I can't see it. I can't sit up.

I gingerly reach a hand down to see if it really it broken, and instead pick up a broken glass bong. And I'm like, wtf is a bong doing in my room? And then I remember the party that had happened just before in my dream. I freak out because I need to wake up, and I wonder if I actually will ever feel like I'm really awake again, and then I start to think I am actually just mental, that I lost my mind ages ago, because I get stuck like this for so long.

At some point it switches back to the party. I see some jackass playing my guitar. I'm on a square spiral staircase. I yell at him and the party quietens. Suddenly, I'm authority. I tell him the rules.
1. Don't break my guitar.
2. Don't let anything else break my guitar.
3. When you're done, put it back on the stand.
And then still make sure nothing else happens to it.

The party is dead quiet.

4., or is it 5.? - Make sure you enjoy it.

And then the party continued, as if I had finished some kind of speech. I went up the stairs, I think with Lucy Liddell, and there was some kind of display space up there with glass cabinets. After some kind of conversation I don't remember well, I end up with a purple and orange tamagotchi.

And then I wake up.

The Reality

Well. Bryony was on the phone in the kitchen yesterday and a tamagotchi was mentioned when Daisy thought that's what they were talking about.
I don't know why I had a bong in my mind, or why there were parties in a place like Revs crossed with my art classroom.
On the first night I met Dave, he did tell me and Jess Pearce that we were lesbians with each other. It was also the first night I'd met Jess, and I'm pretty sure we weren't doing anything lesbianish. I'm not sure why exactly in the dream he started seriously asking if I was a lesbian. Maybe it was because his girlfriend and I "kissed" for a photo at the last party they threw.

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