Sunday, 28 March 2010

Burn The Witch

This weekend, I have been mostly reading about journalism, games journalism, and magazine publication.

This all comes after a recent vague feeling I had that newspapers are evil, before quickly realising that they're only as evil as video games, nuclear energy, and the entire human population as a whole.

I can take some of my own advice; if I don't like what people are broadcasting about the games industry, I can try broadcasting something myself. Although technically, I already am via this blog. As I went through all of my previous posts last night, I noticed that while a percentage of them were about work I produced for the course, a large amount consisted of brief comments on things I'd seen and found kinda interesting within the games industry, comments on life and philosophies and concepts, and rants against the demonisation of Computer Games by the media.

Bad disguised as Good vs. Good disguised as Bad...

So perhaps after uni, or even during, I'm interested in attempting to start something up. A tidy and attractive bit of entertainment with serious motives to defend the witch that is the Computer Games Industry from the demon that is Fear and Moral Panic, who screams "Burn them all! For the children!" Fighting fire with fire, you could possibly say.

Although when I think about it, there are two seperate ideas going on in my mind. One involves storming the world, exposing the demons for what they are and helping new kids to the industry become aware of the mob that metaphorically cries for their blood, while bringing them entertainment in the form of clever nonsense, and useful tips to get into the exciting industry of games.

The other involves metaphorically dressing up as an old lady, selling magazines targetted at mothers showing them all the games they'd find lovely, so that wild accusations like "Video games promote rascism, sexism and hatred" can be seen for what they really are.

...We'll see how it goes.

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