Sunday, 21 March 2010

I watched The Truman Show last night.

So basically, I go this email invite from someone from the Shire:

Subject: Invited you to Miss Bimbo!


Your friend Nikalix has invited you to join the worlds premier fashion community at Miss

Miss is a free to join community of fashion conscious girls, ladies and women. Enter fashion contests, make friends, socialise and gossip amongst the largest female population on the internet.

Click the link above to accept your invite and proceed to the coolest place on the web.

See you soon on Miss Bimbo!

The Miss Bimbo team

First of all, I laughed because I wouldn't say I'm fashion conscious. And then, I laughed when I checked out the site.

And then I thought how ridiculous it sounded:
Are you ready to become Queen of the Bimbos!?!

Then I clicked on the Blouzar Ltd. link at the bottom, and was somewhat surprised to find Papermint listed under the "Our Games" header.

And then I was actually reading the Papermint site, and this part caught my eye:
Escape to a cute 3D world!

And then I realised that I kind of dislike ongoing-virtual-worlds that are there for people to "escape" to, because it makes me sad that people feel the need for an escape from life. A brief retreat? Fine. But a full on escape from life...?

A game to me is a bit of fun. It should be no substitute for real life - the biggest game of all.

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