Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Learning Unity3D: Challenges

Today I watched I01 (Raycasting) and I02 (Basic Animation and Events) in the Intermediate section of the Unity 3D Student site, so I've now seen all of the tutorial modules that have been put up so far :D

Now I'm working through the challenges. So far there are 3 to do, all labelled as "Beginner".

C01 (Beginner) - Destroy the wall with the box.

Enjoyed that, but it makes me want to add a cannon for the cubes to shoot out of..

C02 (Beginner) - Seesaw launch the box to destroy the wall.

Managed to get the see-saw to do it [interestingly it doesn't work every time, you have to time it right otherwise it throws the cube either too far and over the wall or not far enough]. I'm also supposed to make the wall make a noise when it disappears. I don't have a sound picked out yet, so I'll need to find one quick, and then figure out how to do that part before I move on to the next challenge.

It's going well though. I think all the arty design work we've been doing made me forget how much I enjoy making coding work too.

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