Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Soon, my pretty, soon...

In three weeks, I'm getting a divorce.

No, not really - but I will be going back to uni, and back to the freedom of having my own room. Who would believe a 15 year old sister could spend so much time nagging. True, she doesn't actually do it all the time... but she does it way more than I'm willing to live with.

Oh well. On the plus side, the experience will drive me to work harder at number 4 on the list I wrote back in January. Too much of my Summer has been spent experiencing hell and I don't fancy spending any more of my life like this.

So guys, my fellow CGDers, please help me by letting me help you make an awesome game this year so I can get a job earning enough for me to pay for a room somewhere with cool flatmates. Please.

I am actually dying to be back in Uni. The freedom. Oh my; the freedom. So what if it wasn't true freedom, in that I probably signed an agreement somewhere to work hard and abide by rules or something - it totally beats living with someone who nags me like my sole purpose in life is to do exactly as she says before she has to say it like I'm some kind of mind reader...

To the men married to nags everywhere: I feel for you.

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