Monday, 27 September 2010

Right, Plan of Action?

Mission 1: Here's the instructions we've been given for this summer...

Summer Assignment - Final Major Project

It is crucial that you begin the third year in the right frame of mind and with an ambitious yet realistic attitude to the work. Over the summer you are asked to decide whether or not you are going to work in a group. Group work is very highly recommended in the third year, but it is not mandatory, as some of you will have highly personal projects already in mind. You will be asked to pitch your initial ideas very soon after the beginning of term, so I would like you to begin the preproduction process over the summer, to be ready to provide an illustrated and written account of your ambitions for the final year. These projects will be formatively assessed at the beginning of the autumn semester.

And here's what I've got so far:

I fancy working on something that kind of doesn't make sense.

Something inspired by the transforming furniture and cool and crazy architecture I've been looking at a lot lately. I'm thinking, something that I would find as fun as I found wandering around Croft Manor; pressing buttons, making things move, exploring and making my way around.

Something that looks a little bit Julian Beever, sounds a little bit [Alice in] Wonderland, feels a little bit Indiana Jones and seems a little bit like a giant hamster cage in a mad scientists laboratory that's been "improved" with secret rooms of it's own.

Looks like I've just turned all the looking-at-cool-stuff-on-the-Internet that I did while on autopilot over the Summer into "important research for pre-pro". Nice one.

But before I get too excited over the possibilities, better learn to walk first. Time to find out how to actually implement hinge joints in Unity.

To start off with, I've watched the "Essential" Modules E00 to E09 on Unity 3D Student to get better acquainted with Unity3D, and actually did manage to learn a couple of things I didn't know already. So far so good.

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