Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Game

New York, Newwww Yorrrrk...

This felt like a really long one.

The Dream

I'm going into a really old house with my three sisters. We're playing hide and seek with my mum, except I think she's tracking us down as if we are wanted assassins of some sort. In other words, stakes were high, and things were dangerous.

The house is huge, a massive maze that seemed to consist of a ramshackle of old dusty beds and platforms that go upwards and outwards almost forever. I peer down through a gap to the bottom level where mum is, and I see her walking about on the old stone floor, the sun shining warmly on it through some kind of opening in a wall I can't see. Up where I am it is dark, but still plenty light enough to see.

The house reminds me of the layout of PlayZone, that indoor adventure place that I went to in Swansea with Tall Dan for his birthday, and the layout of my bedroom when I was 8. We had one room between four girls and to fit us in we had to squeeze two bunk beds against the sides of the room. There was maybe about a foot of space between the beds.

We have a little collection of books between us on my team of sister assassins. I think I realised that I was supposed to smuggle at least one of them out from the house. One of them looked old and magical, and also contained game maps. I didn't understand how to relate them to where we were though; they were very abstract.

This is the point where things begin to merge with a different theme. We are no longer in a huge old house of infinite bunk beds, but outdoors. All we did was move upwards some more, and now there is a well kept hedge to hide behind as well as beds. But then suddenly, Genevieve yells, "There's police in the fields!!"

We all duck, but I think it's too late. Damn it, why did Gen have to shout so loud? Two detectives approach and find us. One was a woman, but not my mum. The other one reminded me of that annoying friend in... hmmm. What's that film with the narrating cowboy and the bowling and the man they call, "The Dude"?

The man interrogates us, and some things start to look pixelated. For some reason, I have a sword now. So does he. Apparently, and according to old and magical rule books that both the police and we had, each of my sisters and I were supposed to have been following roles. They wanted to know what roles we were playing, and if we told them, they wouldn't kill us.

I also seem to remember some kind of little pig-like animal getting a bad fate in this dream, but I'm not sure when or where that happens. I feel like it wasn't at this point but some time earlier...

I didn't understand how simply telling them what our roles were during this game would avoid death by stabbing by the bad cop, so I didn't say anything right away. Then, after some kind of jumping about as if trying to picture possible manoeuvres out of the situation, things felt tense as if I figured there was no way out, so I yelled, "I'm the map reader!" I don't think I was the map reader, but my sisters didn't protest.

I'm not sure exactly what happened next. All I know is I was continuing along a totally 2D pixelated scene, slaying pixelated panthers and other beasts that would probably try to eat me as I went on my own merry way.

Oh, come on post editor, you're made of pixels and you don't know that "pixelated" is a word?

Eventually I come upon some kind of facility. Things change; the place is still kind of pixelated, but more 3D now. It seems to be a square storage area, full of those huge storage containers and truck things and also guns on tripods. Also, I'm in a helicopter. I make my way anti-clockwise around the edge of the facility, hopping over the storage containers as if they were hurdles in a race, being chased by trucks and shot at by guns. I look up to the top left, and see a circler HUD, flashing between orange and red and swarming with enemies. It doesn't look good.

Eventually I fly into a big box that looks like an area has been surrounded with wire fencing around it and above: I'm trapped, and swarms of little truck things roll in after me. Not only am I trapped, but the area appears to be a crushing unit. The trucks begin to get crushed, as does a man who seems to be the owner of the facility. Win! With his legs half crushed, he lets me go.

Seriously, WTF?

I am rewarded with the sword I used in the pixelated jungle. Also, the view is now 3rd person, and I seem to be a simple drawing of a man in a suit and handlebar moustache in black and white. I hug three ladies [we all look old fashioned and dapper], and comment on their umbrellas/parasols. Then I head to a nearby shop, which holds an interesting array of merchandise. I find too little men dolls made of light blue felt and yellow stitching, and I ask if I can have them, with the intention of being them so I could be 3D too.

The shop keeper has a better idea; a framed portrait of the man I'm supposed to be. He gives me the portrait and an umbrella in exchange for the magic umbrella sword I won, because I have no money to pay him with. I happily put the portrait on my face, carefully hanging the top edge of the frame on the top of my forehead, and walk on with a buddy, swinging my nice new white-with-an-elegant-orange-flowery-patterned umbrella. Then I witness a conversation, possibly between Dave and Thebag about how the film was. I think by the film they were referring to the dream. I disagreed with Thebag's telling of the film.

The Reality

... I have some game level design to be doing today. And now I have that New York New York song stuck in my head for some reason.

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