Sunday, 5 June 2011

I win!

Last night's dream was interesting. And also kind of fun. And slightly worrying. But mostly fun.

The Dream

I don't remember all of it right now, but I remember taking a trip in a minivan with back packs, and I think I was going with Gen or someone like her, to make a documentary. We went to this place with lots of hot hip hop people, it was like their club, and I wasn't sure if shit was going to go down or not. They had a bar. It was more like a pub, if all the patrons in the pub were hot hip hop people.

I remember a hole in the floor and some graffiti on a wall. I think the people were okay with us, except for this one blonde girl. She was one of them, but was styled kind of emo. She didn't like me, didn't like how the others liked me, and got kind of territorial on me, passively so. Passively, that is, unless she crept up behind me and tried to attack me, possibly trying to throw me into the hole next to the wall. I sensed her coming and somehow managed to force her own strength against her, and as I was balanced against the wall, used it to help me push her into the hole instead. It was bad-ass. I didn't really see what happened to her after she fell, there were girders and things down there.

Next thing I know she's back up in the club, and the others are aware of her dislike for me. She turns out to be insane, gets up on this stage thing, breaks a bottle of drink and sprinkles it around her on the stage, and then tries to light it...

Except it doesn't take. She scuffles about for another bottle of drink to set fire to, but that one's not flammable enough either.

Show's over.

I turn to someone at the bar and say something. Then I have to pick up all my heavy bags to shove back into the minivan so we can go.


Before that section of dream, I think I had another one. It involved something like a cross between a pirate crew and a bunch of cowboys, but they turned out to be dead, but they didn't know it. I went to go steal their treasure, and succeeded, but then it turned out one of them wasn't a ghost and was still alive. I think I decided I'd give him the treasure, but wasn't sure whether to give him all of it or half of it, seeing as I was the one who managed to retrieve it from the ghosts.


I also have a vague recollection of Rob, the manager of the place I first worked at, but I don't know if he was in these dreams or one from a previous night in which I had to do some work.

The Reality

I can only assume the documentary part was inspired by Tom and Sam, although I haven't seen them for a good while since I left 21. As for the rest... The bar layout kind of reminded me of a mirror-imaged Murrenger [a pub in Newport]. I also have a vague recollection of Rob, the manager of the place I first worked at, but I don't know if he was in that dream or one from a previous night where I had to do some work.

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