Saturday, 4 June 2011

It's been a while. I've been working.

This morning / last night was a weird one. I'm not sure I can even explain it. I can only remember different sections of it. I don't know how they transition between each other or what order they go in. I assume they're partly inspired by the cleaning I did in my room yesterday...

The Dream

I'm looking through an old notepad with loose sheets in. It's my auntie's. The work is amazing but they are all doodles and tests. I try to figure out how she made a bit of yellow light drawn in chalk pastels three sheets of tracing paper look like it was emanating light for real by fiddling with how they go over each other. They work best when separated.


My sister Gen is in bed. I'm folding clothes. Something about sorting out some stuff. Are we moving house? Two pianos instead of one, my youngest sister plays the left one and I try to play along on the one on the right, asking which note she was playing then. I think it was an A. Something about Owain being around, but Gen's still napping. I've still got clothes I need to sort out.


I'm looking through photos. Very old photos of one of my aunts, and they come to life in my mind. I'm seeing her as a teenager, and she swears at my grandma the way one of my sisters has sworn at my mother. It was weird. Now that I'm awake, I don't know which aunt it was supposed to be. She just had long dark curly hair. And the whole scene seemed too modern. The place reminded me of the house I lived in when I was just starting school.


A house. Dad's building and extension, a little toilet/conservatory. It didn't occur to me how odd that combination was, seeing as anyone in there would be seen by anyone outside. At least it was double-glazing. There was something weird going on in the interior as well; walls/sections that moved to access the door or drain-work.


Fish tanks hanging outside the back door as if they were a plant-hanger/shelf combo. Photos of my youngest sister asleep in one [they are all empty otherwise] turn into her actually being there, asleep there. Before I see my aunt swear, I see her try to sit on one of the tanks, and she does. But then it breaks - she was too heavy for the attachment between the tank and the fabric holding them up in place to hold her. It breaks, but doesn't smash the glass. That's when she hears herself being called and goes back into the house, swearing.


I'm riding a bicycle with racing-handle-bars and a very wide tread along the section of road I used to walk along to get to primary school. Instead of gravel, along the side is turf, and when I ride the bike on the turf it "mows" or clears the turf away... I was hired to do it. Three people come up to me. I know them in the dream, and as I ride back and forth along the little stretch clearing the grass I joke about running them over. I also wonder when the last time I rode a bike was.


There are lots of men. Gangsters. I think we're in the same area as the place I was riding the bike, but now there are big black ornate gates on the property. Some kind of back-chatty banter/conflict/taunting ensues, like in a movie where one side might say "I'll get you next time, you won't get away with this!" I think I get into a slight tanglement with one gangster. No biggie. I think I made him bleed. They came out worse on the other end.

The Reality

I woke up thinking, "Hah! I showed them."

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