Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I am awake. And I am like you.

Unlistedoo7, this one is for you.

A friend of mine on the Animation course, Fitz, posted this up on Facebook today:

A brief look at the comments on the video showed the possibility of it being a fake, a video produced by the person who directed Lady Gaga's Pokerface video, intended to be a viral video.

Comments on the video included rage at the "parents and steacher of the school", rage at America for raging about society and then allowing kids to pretend to be gangsters in school plays, rage at the people who thought it was real, rage at the way the kids were used, and awe at all the ragers who need to calm down because "they [the kids] know that it's only pretend". Personally, I felt a bit of rage for all the people who said "Chill the fudge out" or "What the fudge??", but only because the word fudge stopped being funny about halfway through the first use. Mmmmmmm... Fudge.

Unfortunately, as is the way with videos that attract comments like this [or any subject for that matter on the Internet], you get people commenting on what they see, exactly as they are seeing it. This leads to responses from others who are slightly more informed,who will try to tell them, for example, that the video is not real.

As the discussion continues, the views snowball and more people come to the discussion who are just as uninformed as the initial commenters. The comments that originally tried to explain the truth of the video get covered by the avalanche of new comments. Some people will see this happening, and in frustration attempt to relay the fact that the video is not real. But more people arrive, and they don't know what to believe.

This was me. One of the posters, TheKidJKR, said:
This play was put together by the director of numerous lady gaga music videos. The children were casted like any other role. Not a real school play. Intended to be a viral video.

I wanted to know what his source was, but there are over a thousand comments for me to try looking through at this point, so I asked:
How do you know?

I was aware that it might be a while before I got a reply from them, so while I waited I tried having a browse through the comments anyway. In less than half an hour, I'd found out the comment stating Rockhard Films and googled it, and while I found an article saying it's not a real school play, I don't know where TMZ got their information from [I also found a comment stating it is an advert for a video game, but I haven't found anything more on that so I can't verify that claim either]. It's been a while however since I've commented on controversial matters on Youtube; I kind of forgot that other people would read my question to TheKidJKR and reply too.

Dear unlistedoo7: I'm as awake as you are.
But I am also aware that I can only pay attention to what is not hidden from my awareness. I know you are aware of this; I've looked at your channel. If what you wrote up there is true, we have similar intentions.

You probably weren't aware of my motives in asking my question, and possibly assumed I was ignorantly asking for the sake of asking, or trying to poke or prod or antagonise. I was not. I wanted a lead, so I could find out what was going on.

Although I'm 20, I consider myself still a child. There's a lot I don't know, but at least I know that. I'm a truth-seeker, just like you.

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