Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"Doritos: King Of The Ads"

Scott gave me the last of his Doritos the other day.

The packet says if you make and enter the best advert by the end of April, they will put it on the TV and pay you for it... I'm seriously consider trying it, if I have the time. I'm also going to let my film-making friends know about it, because making short funny videos should be right up their street :D


  1. Hi there - go to for more information and a toolkit for how to make your film. You can also check the entries we've had so far.

    You've got quite a bit of time yet (closing date is the end of April).

    Thanks for taking an interest in our campaign :-)

  2. Woah Doritos replied to you. Awesome.

    I was thinking about doing this too, there's some pretty good entries already.