Friday, 22 October 2010

Unity3D or UDK?

I know I said I wanted to use Unity3D, but that was when there was only one person on the team. It feels quite daunting starting over with a program I've only played with once [yesterday], but the tech sessions on Tuesdays will be covering UDK, not to mention there's plenty of support on the Internet if we need help figuring out how to do something. I feel like we should be trying to rise to the challenge here...

And I know graphics aren't everything, but after seeing what can be achieved fairly simply thanks to the materials and stuff already on there, the idea of learning and utilising the Unreal Development Kit for this project is prrrretty enticing.

It will mean a little more brain power for learning it, but I think that's okay. I think we should probably limit the number of level designs down to the Main House [which will act a little like a hub], and a few Strange-Levels [say... 3 to 5?] and treat this project as a demo game-slice rather than a full-blown game.

As for actual course-aims, the task for the next Tuesday morning [which will actually be the Tuesday after next, due to the GameCity trip] is to nail down the visual style to show everyone. We already know that the Main House will be neglected and abandoned with spatters of graffitied images here and there, and the Strange-Levels will contain "stairs, lots of stairs", so most of the hard work is done already.

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