Monday, 22 February 2010

If you read the whole of this entry: Haha, you must be bored :)

Today, I didn't do any work.

And by didn't do any work I mean, I did read some articles about the possible futures of gaming for ideas on what to write my essay on. I also went to a gymnasticy gym and learned how to front-flip into a foam pit with and without a trampoline. And then jumped out of my friend's [slow] moving van when he dropped me off - everyone else had and he said I had to too, so I did, because I'm a ninja in progress...

But I didn't do any Wings of Fate work.

Somehow, I managed to get the animatic done by yesterday afternoon, so I didn't need today free for emergency work-overflow. I spose I didn't need to spend any time creating audio with which to sync the scenes to because I wrote it out onscreen as subtitles for easy adjustment, so it didn't take as long as I'd anticipated.

Although, I could have spent some time taking the slides and putting them into a tidy printoutable storyboard doc, but I thought my time today might best be spent beating the "Smelly Unsociable Gamer" stereotype out of existence by doing womanly things like cleaning clothes to make sure I had clean socks and tops and tights.

...And learning how to be a ninja. Because as I learned in last Thursday's lecture: primary sources are the best. So it's better to make games about ninjas after you've tried being one for a day. Or two. Or three. I'm currently on a mission to learn how to front flip on grass without any aiding bouncyness. I think I've got diving rolls pretty much down.

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