Friday, 19 February 2010

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring?"

I'm listening to an RJD2 Breezeblock Mix or something. It's just under half an hour long, and there's a bit I keep wanting to listen to that starts around 25 minutes in.

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Maybe sunshine, and maybe rain.
But as for me, I'll wait and see.
Maybe it'll bring my love to me, who knows.

Who knows?"

So, today's post is about the future. Sort of.


After the lecture yesterday, we had a sort of seminar with Corrado. It was more of a, "put your names down for the slot you want for ten minutes of feedback". I did get the last slot, but then I gave it up to someone else because they were on their way to campus and would have got here for nothing if there were no slots left for them.

But before I left to go sort out where I'm going to live next year, Corrado mentioned to me that there was something he wanted to talk to me about next week regarding my essay. I was like, yep, okay. But then he said don't worry, but there is something I wanted to discuss. Then the automatic thing happened that usually happens when someone puts the word "don't" in front of the word "worry".

After I read back my essay for the first time since handing it in, I noticed a silly mistake or two, as well as the fact that I didn't really like how I'd written it [I was very tired and at my wits end after trying to finish a 30second flash FMV in the same night]. So now I'm trying to forget about it and relax into the fact that if it turns out I've done terribly, I would probably have done better had I not made the paired FMV project with Ben my priority over the essay [I'm not actually sure how I've done in that project either yet, but we'll see].


Back to the topic of the Thursday lectures: they've been about essays and research. It sounds boring when I write it like that, but the actual lectures have been pretty interesting to me. The next essay we're doing is going to be the introduction to the dissertations we'll write in our third year, and we were set the task of thinking of a broad area within games or animation on which to concentrate.

I, as usual, didn't know off the top of my head what I wanted to do. So I did a little soul search [woohoo for google] to find out what I'm all about. I think I wanted to see if I could compare what I found to the ideas and work I had come up with in the past.

I found out a while ago that I'm an "Idealist", possibly an ENFJ [Teacher] according to one online test. I could go on forever about how this matches me, but I won't do that here right now. One of the key things about Idealists is the idea that while Artisans live in the now, Guardians live in the past and Rationals live in the "eternal", Idealists tend to live in the future, in the world of possibilities and "what if". Sounds just like me.

It's true that, while I keep a lot of my old journals so that I can look back through them now and then, I don't actually spend much of my time reading through them. I spend a lot more of my time imagining the future and the possibilities and outcomes of my actions. I do it in all aspects of my life. I do it when I "shuffle paper" in my artbook because I don't want to stick anything down just yet. I do it when I write notes about characters for stories I could write one day. I do it when I have a billion conversations with people in my head and try to imagine their responses, but then never go on to actually have those conversations with them for real. I do it when I read about things that have been invented recently and think how they'd effect events in the world.

And then it hit me. Why don't I write mine on the future of gaming? I may have to narrow down the topic to something more specific like "The future of the games industry" or "The future of games in education" or "How games can help people in the future" or "How games can evolve in the future". But it's definitely a subject area that would engage me.

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